Today author and performer Kai Cheng Thom visited us to read from her new book a place called No Homeland.

Her extraordinary poetry collection is a vivid, beautifully wrought journey to the place where forgotten ancestors live and monstrous women roam―and where the distinctions between body, land, and language are lost. In these fierce yet tender narrative poems, Kai Cheng Thom draws equally from memory and mythology to create new maps of gender, race, sexuality, and violence. In the world of a place called No Homeland, the bodies of the marginalized―queer and transgender communities, survivors of abuse and assault, and children of diaspora―are celebrated, survival songs are sung, and the ancestors offer you forgiveness for not remembering their names.

Descended from the traditions of oral storytelling, spoken word, and queer punk poetry, Kai Cheng Thom’s debut collection is evocative and unforgettable.

I dream warm, wet
Earth-colored wombs,
That rise and tremble and swell with the moon
To give birth to babies connected
By blue-river veins of memory

The writing exercises that followed where inspired by Kai Cheng Thom’s work. Together we wrote, shared and honoured a place called No Homeland.


***If anyone has response poems they want to share, email amberdawn@thursdayswritingcollective OR bring a paper copy to the next Thursdays writing class. Response poems will be published on here Thursday’s website and Facebook page***