The Writers Caravan

The Writers Caravan is a pilot project for the spring 2011 run by Thursdays Writing Collective (TWC) to foster creative contact between writers who would not come into contact otherwise. We are happy to work in collaboration with three writing groups, about which info will be posted shortly. Below is some factual info.

  • During spring 2011 three writing groups from around the city, from different concerns and walks of life, will be invited to come write with TWC for one session. Themes and prompts will be geared towards mutual interest. This encounter will happen at Carnegie. Generally, class consists of 20-25 people. We are expecting participant groups will consist of 3-12 people.
  • After the writing encounter, within the month, the visiting group will invite TWC to a joint reading held in the visitors’ area. Writers will read their edited pieces produced during or around the encounter. There is a $100 coordinator’s honorarium for one person in each group who will serve as the point person. The group may use those funds any way they see fit.
  • At the end of the project, on June 21st TWC will hold a celebration of the Writers Caravan at the Roundhouse Theatre. The event is a reading: each writing group will select three readers so as to keep the bill representational, yet manageable. Details on the selection method will be fleshed out. Writers are welcome to participate if they have submitted a clean, edited piece. Local writers, editors, publishers, and the guest readers from the fall 2010 course, will be invited. Those guests are Fiona Lam, George McWhirter, Angela Mairead Coid, Cathleen With and Michael Turner.
  • Participants who have handed in two clean, edited pieces of writing by May 26 for the Writers Caravan publication will have one piece selected by guest editor Michael Turner for publication. The perfect-bound anthology will be sponsored by Poetry is Dead, published by Otter Press with an ISBN and launched in November 2012 at the Memory Festival. The November launch event is a reading, dates and details are to be confirmed.
  • We would like to thank Canada Council and the City of Vancouver for supporting this project.

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