Write Club! Literary Mamas

On April 28, 2011 the Write Club came to Carnegie to write with us. Spring was blooming and the warm weather had us thinking about summer coming. Our writing used fruit as a motif. Below is an excerpt of what we did. I did not reproduce here the three poems we read out of hopes the library or bookstores will provide them for you.

Intro Writing Prompt: make an alphabetical list of fruits and vegetables: apple, blackberry, crabapple, etc.

Writing Exercise: write about the first time you tasted a food or a time you watched someone try a food for the first time.

Read handout: read Samuel Green’s two poems, “Oct.8,” and “Oct.9,” from The Grace of Necessity, (Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2008), from the section “Daily Practice, 2001-2002”

Writing Exercise: write about preparing food, a meal or a snack, for someone you like.

Read handout: Carolann Duffy’s “Valentine” poem. Apologies for not providing the publication data.

Writing Exercise: Choose a fruit or food and write about being used for something else – a banana as a telephone, asparagus as a pen

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