Thursdays 3.0: These Words

Welcome! There are two ways to read the Thursdays 3: These Words. The first is to scroll below to read the book. Or you can Download Thursdays3.0 by clicking on the link for a downloadable pdf. If you are using a public computer you may not be allowed to download.

The pdf has invisible links that will help you navigate the book. When you click on the name of a poem in the table of contents you will be brought to that piece. Click on the yellow feather at the bottom of any page and you will be back at the table of contents. We hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Carlos Juan Rosello

    I enjoy reading Thursdays everyday. The “I Am” by Muriel Marjorie poem is incredible and powerful. Haikus rock, I would like to read more Ms Anne Young! Thanks for sharing Elee..

    Peace, Carlos Juan Rosello

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