Amber Dawn

Amber Dawn is a writer from Vancouver and the author of the memoir How Poetry Saved My Life and the Lambda Award-winning novel Sub Rosa, and editor of the anthologies Fist of the Spider Women: Fear and Queer Desire and With A Rough Tongue. Amber Dawn was 2012 winner of the Writers’ Trust of Canada Dayne Ogilvie Prize for LGBT writers. Until August 2012, she was director of programming for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. She currently teaches Speculative Fiction writing at Douglas College.

Amber Dawn was the first to send us her seed text, an essay of what might be considered postcards from the map of her body. Without her present we read, reread and discussed her letter. We spent quite a while talking about it and even talked about ways to interact with it. The next week she popped by with bars of exquisite fair trade chocolate. Not that she needed to sweeten the deal! But this sort of consideration is typical of her.

We have turned to her essay/letter/body map several times and have continued to mention it and draw from it. Several weeks after our initial interaction we scooped one line and write on that. How does time effect our experience of the text? An interesting discussion. Part of the process has included handing the letters to anyone who missed the initial class on them. Because of this, we refer to them in staggered mentions, sometimes referring to them in a different context or background. I can only think this enhances the response.

We’re very excited to read in a joint event with Amber Dawn and Alex Leslie, who reached out to each other with the idea of this. Here is a beautiful poster Madeleine Thien made for us and a Facebook event page we would be happy for you to share!

Please join us June 19, Thursday, from 7-9pm at Lost + Found Café on 33W Hastings. Both authors will be reading a letter they wrote to Thursdays Writing Collective and hearing, for the first time, individual responses from Collective participants who used those letters as seeds for new work.

All are welcome to this free event. Accessiblity details will be posted shortly. Light snacks will be served.


postal code readings poster - Dawn Leslie - Version 10


Here is the accessibility info for the event, provided by Alex Leslie. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Main entrance: 5 feet wide, double doors that open outwards, wing handles 41” from ground. Weather permitting, doors to street will likely be left open. There are no steps to entrance. The space inside Lost & Found Café is stair-free. Signage is a sandwich board on the sidewalk.

There is parking (paid by metre) on Hastings St directly outside and opposite the café. There are bike lock-ups directly outside café, as well as the Hastings bus stop. There will be transit tickets available at the event for those who need them.

This event is a scent reduced space. Please refrain from wearing heavily scented perfumes and hygiene products.

Readers will use a microphone and the space has minimal echoes. Lighting is even throughout space.

There are a variety of seating options. A variety of upholstered seats & couches with and without armrests. The majority of seating consists of unpadded wooden chairs with no armrests. There will be space for those who wish to stand. There will be priority seating reserved for elders; these seats will be marked “Reserved for elders”, please help yourself as needed. If you need a particular kind of seating for your physical comfort, please get in touch with us beforehand and we will have that set aside for you.

There will be snacks provided for all attendees. There will be vegetarian options. Water is freely available. Alcohol is not provided but is available for purchase in the space. Counters are 3’3” from ground.

There will be two All Genders washrooms for the event.

The hallway leading to the washroom is 32” wide. There is a 90 degree turn in the hallway with a turning area of 40” by 37”. There are two washrooms, both of which have one stall. The doors to the stalls open inward and the stall entrance is 33” wide. The washroom on the lefthand side is the larger of the two; its stall is 57” deep and 61” wide with the toilet located in the rear left corner of the stall, immediately beside the wall. There is no grip bar. There is a scooter and wheelchair accessible public washroom located at the Carnegie Centre at Hastings & Main, three blocks East of the venue. For further info regarding accessibility, contact Lost & Found at 604-559-7444

This accessibility audit was done using part of the information provided in the RAMP project audit ( Thank you to RAMP and Elena Johnson for giving us feedback on this audit.

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