Building: A Stanza Project Event

In November 2012 we held an event in the Heart of the City Festival – one of our favourites – at the Dunlevy Snackbar.

Our poster for “Building: A Social Writing Evening”


On each table was a pile of materials; guests were invited to play with them, building any sort of structure they liked as we waited for everyone to arrive. Then we wrote about the process or the structure in a short 10 minute piece.


The evening was playful and lively and had plenty of reading aloud. There were about 40 of us.








Leith made a hat!


Mark Proosten, our collaborator in the Netherlands, chose images from the Vancouver City Archives and we wordsquatted in several of these. Wordsquatting is a concept Michael Turner introduced us to that we use to describe the writing in/on/into/from texts and images. We move in and renovate the existing piece to accomodate ourselves.

About to wordsquat in an archival photo of Hastings and Main Streets.Dunlevy Snackbar provided amazing food while we wrote.





At the end of the night when we invited people to contribute their structures and writing to the archive of the event we found this happy note.

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