Hello everyone!

We’re set to begin the first class of our eighth year on February 12, 2015. We’ll be completing our writing for the Voice to Voice Project and collaborating with the composers and performers who have set 12 of our poems as songs.

11b8c01b965063eaffcd0e847dc80ed74640fe26First things first: our visit with Katherine Swarthile, the daughter of Anahareo, will take place on March 12 instead of our first day back. We have been swapping copies of her book, Devil in Deerskins, to make sure we have all read it in anticipation of Katherine’s visit.

We may also have Shirley Brown, Anahareo’s other daughter with us, too! This is going to be an amazing chance to talk abut memory, recording, Métis and First Nations history and writing and many other topics.

We can’t wait to reunite and resume writing. We’ll have two weeks to pump out the last of our prompts suggested by the donors who supported our Indiegogo campaign to fund the printing our book. See you soon!